The Oriental Spa

Urban Exploration - The Oriental Spa - Sauna Entrance

Unfortunately, it was too expensive to restore this luxurious spa. Instead, a new one was buildt, but it’s beauty is not even close to this one. If you like this spa, you might want to view the images taken in the “Non Plus Ultra” castle in Italy.

Hotel Atlantis

Urban Exploration - Hotel Atlantis - Windowside

An abandoned hotel in east Germany. Went swimming in the dry pool.

Powerplant Elettrica

Urban Exploration - Powerplant Elettrica - Control Room 3

There still is quite some equipment in the control room of this Italian powerplant. However, all heavy machinery, including the generators in the turbine hall, unfortunately are gone.

Morbid Monastery

Urban Exploration - Morbid Monastery - Funeral Coach

This Italian monastery is almost falling apart. However, some undertaker has parked his staff car there…

Dark School of Music

Urban Exploration - Dark School of Music - Sing For Me

An abanoned school somewhere in Italy. If you close your eyes, you may still hear the school children practicing the musical scale…

House of the Dark Horses

Urban Exploration - House of the Dark Horses - Carafe

Shot at the abandoned house of dark horses, a tiny Italian mansion with a surprisingly pretty interior.

Manicomio Vendetta

Urban Exploration - Manicomio Vendetta - Final Curtain

Taken in another Italian madhouse which has been closed down several decades ago. The clinic consists of several buildings and even features a theatre.

Rising Angels Villa

Urban Exploration - Rising Angels Villa - Rising Angels Gallery

While the rest of this Italian villa is not very spectacular, the entrance hall is a real gem. It makes one sad to see this beautiful house rotting away. For the time being it alows some nice shots of its unique vestibule.

Manicomio Dr. Rossetti

Urban Exploration - Manicomio Dr. Rossetti - Lobotomy

Shot at the abandoned madhouse Manicomio Dr. Rossetti in Italy. When science made progress in the field of psychology, many Italian madhouses were shut down. The traditional treatment of the patients was no longer acceptable. However, there still is pertinent equipment on site – silent witnesses of a cruel history.

Powerplant Elettrica

Urban Exploration - Powerplant Elettrica - Control Room 3

These images were captured in an abandoned power plant in Italy. There is not much left of the plant which once generated up to 80 megawatts. However, the control room and a cooling tower are still in place.