Villa Visage

Urban Exploration - Villa Visage - First Floor

Once upon a time this fairy-tale castle must have been a magnificient residence. Fortunately, it has been roofed after some parts of the building collapsed. The complex also includes a chapel, which unfortunately has been heavily vandalized.

Maison de la Cheval

Urban Exploration - Maison de la Cheval - Bottled Lights

A recently abandoned mansion which suggests that the owners must have left all of a sudden. It was rather impressive that nobody so far had taken any of the loose change from the kitchen table. Hopefully it is still there.


Landscapes - Newfoundland - Shipwreck Sunset

Some of the impressions we captured during our one week trip through Newfoundland, Canada.

Fairy Trails

Lightscapes - Fairy Trails - Magic Dance

An evening at the annual spring fair in Graz, Austria.

Iceland in Winter

Iceland in Winter

These images originate from a three day weekend trip to southern Iceland in Januar 2015.

Acores – Sao Miguel

Acores - Sao Miguel

Impressions from a one-week-trip to the largest island of the Acores archipelago in October 2014 – including a visit to the nearby Santa Maria island.

The Ice House

Urbex - The Ice House - Forever Frozen

An abandoned glass house in Iceland which used to be heated with thermal spring water running through pipes on the floor and along the walls.