Fairy Trails

Lightscapes - Fairy Trails - Magic Dance

An evening at the annual spring fair in Graz, Austria.

Painted Church

Lightscapes - Herz-Jesu-Kirche Graz - Lange Nacht der Kirchen

In 2011 a light painting artist drenched a church in colorful lights. This event took place in the Herz-Jesu church in the city of Graz, Austria.



I tried to capture the transient elegance of single skyrockets exploding in various firework displays.

Turbine Tunnel

Urbex - Turbine Tunnel - Batgirl

In World War II these three tunnels were part of a concentration camp in Austria which was commanded by the infamous Mauthausen camp. In these tunnels, inmates produced various parts for cars and airplanes, it is said that also aircraft turbines were produced there.