Pritzer Fac

Urban Exploration - Pritzer Fac - Symmetry Stairs

Several buildings that once were part of a university in Belgium.

Chateau Congo

Urban Exploration - Chateau Congo - Congo Throne

A huge mansion in Belgium, most parts of the buildings are collapsed – but one room is very special.

Villa Beemwe

Urban Exploration - Villa Beemwe - Survivor

A tiny villa in a Belgian Forest harbouring an old German car and a kettle.

Monastere Mont G

Urban Exploration - Monastere Mont G - Divine Silence

An abandoned monastery in Belgium. While the other areas of the abbey are not really interesting, the church is – and it is in pretty good shape too.

Alla Italia

Urban Exploration - Alla Italia - Marble Hallway

The most original spa ever. However, the pools and bathtubs, respectively, are gone by now.

School of Moss

Urban Exploration - School of Moss - Grand Finale

A communist school in Croatia. Even though the communist era has ended decades ago, there still are copies of the Communist Manifesto around.

Chocolate Church

Urban Exploration - Chocolate Church - Chocolate Arches

There is not much left of what once used to be a church in East Germany. Where once sunday services were celebrated, drug dealers and sprayers have found a new playground.