Klinikum Panorama

Urbex - Klinikum Panorama - The Panorama

A recently abandoned hospital in Austria – which, unfortunately, now has been sealed.

Tanning Factory

Urban Exploration - Tanning Factory - Aged Together

The remains of a small leather processing factory, including machinery to split and squeeze leather. These machines have been powered by water wheels using transmission belts.

Deserted Digger

Urban Exploration - Deserted Digger - Digging Deeper

An abandoned digger at a local iron mining facility. Just beside this monster some mining sledges and engines have found their final resting place. One of them is said to be a donation from the US in the scope of the Marshall plan after World War II.

Voltage Venue

Urban Exploration - Voltage Venue - Ampere Alley

A transformer station which used to provide energy for the local iron mining industry. Some areas of the mine have been shut down, and so has this relay station.