Art Deco Powerplant

Urban Exploration - Art Deco Powerplant - The Eye Resonator

An abandoned powerplant in Hungary which occasionally has been used as a movie set.

Castello G

Urban Exploration - Castello G - The Collapse

A luxurious Italian castle which was damaged in an earthquake.

Wedding Chapel

Urban Exploration - Wedding Chapel - The Wedding Chapel

A wedding chapel next to a beautifully restored castle in Austria.

Broken Brewery

Urban Exploration - Broken Brewery - Brandy Tank

Remains of a brewery in Austria which has been demolished by now.

Orient Express

Urban Exploration - Orient Express - The Sunset Train

A train that has arrived at its final destination – parked on a dead-end track in Belgium.

Cooling Tower IM

Urban Exploration - Cooling Tower IM - Unreal

Cooling tower of a gas powered powerplant in Belgium. Something you often see from the outside but rarely from the inside.

Cinema Varia

Urban Exploration - Cinema Varia - Let The Show Begin

An abandoned cinema in Belgium. Buildt in the early 20th century, the architects designed it to look like a regular theatre at that time.