Hotel Monte Palace

Urbex - Hotel Monte Palace - The Lobby

An abandoned Hotel in Portugal, build with EU tax payers’ money in a place where a hotel just cannot survive. Due to the harsh conditions decay quickly advanced. Within a very few years everything apart from the concrete walls is gone.

Castello D’Artista

Castello D'Artista

Inhabited since the 17th century, this Italian mansion now has become a vacant beauty telling mysterious stories about its past. As the rumour goes, a series of murders and suicides took place in and around this villa.

Blue Chapel

Urbex - Blue Chapel

An abandoned monastery in Italy tells its story.

Spa La Grotta

Spa La Grotta

This thermal spa was opened in the 19th century and has been expanded since. In 2009 it was shut down. While the outside pools are empty and the inside swimming pool is in a muddy and messy condition, water in the spring pool is constantly renewed by fresh and hot spring water.

Airbase Confeccio

Urban Exploration - Airbase Confeccio - Sunset Dreams

An abandoned military airfield in Italy. The setting sun shimmered in the runway lights which made the airfield look as if it was still in use. The highlight of this location is a rusty water aircraft that wistfully watches the runway.

Lincoln’s Mill

Urbex - Lincoln's Muehle - The Incredible Machine

A vacant flour mill in Austria – several parts of the larger machines still is inside. The area around the mill also shelters some gems.