Power Mower Mansion

Urban Exploration - Power Mower Mansion - Heaven or Hell

Captured in the abandoned Power Mower Mansion. Buildt in the 16th century it once was a luxurious residential building which later was converted into a psychiatric hospital for children. Everything that reminds of a madhouse has been removed by now, probably due to its doubtful history during these years. However, some luxury of the past has survived until now.

The MASH Train

Urban Exploration - The MASH Train - Ward Car

Taken in an old medical train in Eastern Germany. A few of these trains used to stand by at different railway stations across Eastern Germany as mobile army surgical hospitals in case of armed conflicts. However, none of these trains has ever been field-tested.

Manicomio Di Anime

Urban Exploration - Manicomio Di Anime - Waiting Hall

Taken in the abandoned Manicomio Di Anime in Italy, a former madhouse. From the equipment still left one can only guess how inmates were treated and what experiments were executed on them. Walking through the empty corridors and cells reminds one of a bad horror movie set in a psychatric clinic. At any time you expect some crazy doctor to walk towards you in one of the empty corridors.