Leaky Cauldron

Urbex - Leaky Cauldron

Single shot taken in an abandoned cloth factory in Austria.

Stonehenge Steel Factory

Urbex - Stonehenge Steel Factory - The Maze

A huge steel mill with many subterranean corridors andy labyrinths – some of the technical equipment is still in place while the huge brick walls of the main buildings slowly collapse.

Sole Shoe Station

Urban Exploration - Sole Shoe Station - Loading Platform

Another railway station where no train will ever stop any more as the railway line has been replaced by a high speed train track.

Bilingual Brewery

Urban Exploration - Bilingual Brewery - Bilangual Brewery

Unfortunately, there is not too much left of the brewery. Decay has weakened the roofs. Some buildings are still in an tolerable state.

Villa Kunterbunt

Urbex - Villa Kunterbunt - Starship Staircase

At this stage it still is unclear what the purpose of this building was. A huge red cross indicates, that it might have been used as a hospital. A military style dormitory might be evidence that it once was a military hospital even though we found no medical equipment. However, the main staircase is pretty unique.

Weightlifting Factory

Urbex - Weightlifting Factory - Weight Lifter

There are so little remains that it is almost impossible to tell what this building’s purpose was. Most likely, there once were power transformers in some of the niches – and at least one crane.

Bog Palace

Urban Exploration - Bog Palace - Wet Works

It still is unclear what the purpose of this building was. It is surrounded by a lake which is adjacent to a creek. Probably water was dammed and drove some kind of turbine.