Painted Church

Lightscapes - Herz-Jesu-Kirche Graz - Lange Nacht der Kirchen

In 2011 a light painting artist drenched a church in colorful lights. This event took place in the Herz-Jesu church in the city of Graz, Austria.



I tried to capture the transient elegance of single skyrockets exploding in various firework displays.

Villa Vehicle

Urban Exploration - Villa Vehicle - 680er Diesel

Attached to a vacant homestead is a huge garage which accomodates various cars and boats. Surprisingly, a few rooms look as if they had been completely renewed while another one is completely burnt out.

Brickhouse N

Urbex - Brickhouse N - Knock Knees

What seems to once have been something like a brick-making plant now has become a deserted ruin with a leaky roof. Currently, it is unclear whether it has been demolished or not.

Villa BE

Urban Exploration - Villa BE - Stained Staircase

A deserted mansion with a magnificent staircase in Austria. The charming brick building once must have been an exquisite residence.

Cold Casern

Urban Exploration - Cold Casern - Tetris Wardroom

Built during World War II this military base used to accomodate up to 2000 soldiers. It was closed down in December 2013.

Sideline Station

Urban Exploration - Sideline Station - Ticket to Ride

One of many abandoned railway stations in Italy. Nature is reconquering the area.

Factory Watchtower

Urbex - Factory Watchtower - Room With A View

Found in an relinquished tin factory in Austria. It was run by a quite successful family of entrepreneurs but was shut down in 2007. The area is dominated by a large tower housing two water tanks under the rooftop.

Wayne City

Urbex - Wayne City - Missing Bucket

An abandoned theme park reflecting life in the 19th century rural US.